Long Coat German Shepherd Puppies | Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies | Oversized German Shepherd Puppies| Coated German Shepherd Puppies | Large Boned German Shepherd Long Coat German Shepherd Puppies from Pioneer German Shepherds - Long Coat German Shepherd Puppies For Sale
Pioneer German Shepherds - Long Coat German Shepherds - Plush Coat German Shepherds - Pioneer German Shepherds offers large boned german shepherd puppies, available occasionally to select companion homes.

Our long coat German Shepherd or plush coat German Shepherd males.
Our large boned German Shepherd females with long hair or plush coats.
Long coat German Shepherd puppies currently available.

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Pioneer German Shepherds - Long Coat German Shepherds - Plush Coat German Shepherds - Pioneer German Shepherds offers large boned german shepherd puppies, available occasionally to select companion homes.

This portion of the website is obsolete as we have redesigned many of our pages! Click on the above flashing sign for more information! Please contact 717-677-6451 or email gsd@mcnew.org for more information.

Our breeding males have tested through the OFA as normal and clear non-carriers of spinal myelopathy / degenerative myelopathy. This means puppies produced will be degenerative myelopathy free - DM free

Please click this link to visit OFA's website regarding the degenerative myelopathy test.

Our puppies come with the following:

  • first shots
  • dewormed
  • vet check
  • K-9 Advantix flea/tick preventative
  • 2 year health guarantee which does not require a puppy to be returned
  • registration paperwork upon proof of spay/neuter as per our contract

Posted below is an example video of our puppies, again please note this video is from February 2009. Puppies from this litter have already gone to their new homes, but you can get an idea as to what we breed for with this video and see how baby puppies look :)

If the above video does not load, please go to our German Shepherd Puppies For Sale link on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5-OUr2hqA4

For more information regarding any puppies featured on this page as well as upcoming litters, please email or give us a call at (717) 677-6451.

Please note that ALL our puppies leave here solely as companions with NO breeding rights.

We are located in south central Pennsylvania, nestled within the apple orchards of Adams County and situated approx. 8 miles north of Gettysburg. Located only 45 minutes from the state capital of Harrisburg, it's approx. an hour's drive to our house from the Baltimore metropolitan area, an hour and a half from the Washington DC area, and two hours from Philadelphia.

Pioneer German Shepherds Home - Pioneer German Shepherds offers long coat german shepherds, long haired german shepherds, old fashioned german shepherds, larged boned german shepherds, and oversized german shepherds from Shiloh lines occasionally to select homes. Similar to Shiloh Shepherds or King Shepherds, but are AKC registered German Shepherds.

Please contact us at gsd@mcnew.org or call (717) 677-6451 for more information on our dogs.

The pictures on this website are marked to prevent theft. All images on this website are copyrighted and may NOT be used without expressed written consent of Pioneer German Shepherds.

Our long coat german shepherd puppies and long coat german shepherd puppies for sale are large german shepherds and long coat german shepherds could be considered oversized german shepherds, oversized german shepherd dogs, oversized GSDs, oversize, giant german shepherd dogs, giant german shepherds, giant GSDs, old style german shepherds or old world german shepherds as they are straight backed german shepherds or classic german shepherds. The german shepard, germen shepherd, germen shepard spelling is not what our kennel uses. More keywords located within our website are german shepherd puppy, german shepherd breeder, german shepherd kennel, german shepherd dog, long coat german shepherd dog, black long haired german shepherds, long coat german shepherd, coated german shepherd, longcoat german shepherd, long haired german shepherd dogs, long haired german shepherd, coated shepherd, coated german shepherd dog, coated german shepherd, huge german shepherds, shepheards, AKC, American Kennel Club, limited registration, early spay/neuter, giant german shepherd, extra large german shepherd, german haired long shepherd, large german shepard, big german shepherds, big shepherds. Our long coat german shepherds have Shiloh lines but are not Shiloh Shepherds, Shiloh Shepards, Shiloh Shepherd Dogs, shepherd shiloh but could be considered Shiloh German Shepherds. Some of our dogs are related to King Shepherds but they are NOT King Shepherds but could be considered king size german shepherds, king german shepherds, king german shepards but not king shepards, german king shepherds. Our gentle giant german shepherds are family companions with a laidback attitude and a sweet temperament. They are low drive german shepherds. Long Coat German Shepherd, Long Haired German Shepherd, Oversized German Shepherd, Old Fashioned German Shepherd, Large Boned German Shepherd, german shepherd dog, coat german long shepherd, haired long shepherd, german shepherd puppy, dog german haired long shepherd, german shepherd breeders, coated german long shepherd, german shepherd puppy for sale, dog german hair long shepherd, german shepherd dog sale, old style german shepherd dog, pennsylvania german shepherd, old world shepherds, old world german shepherds, old style shepherds, old style german shepherds, flat backed german shepherds, straight backed german shepherds, german hair long shepherd, long hair german shepherd puppy, german haired long puppy shepherd, long haired german shepherd puppy for sale, long hair german shepherd breeder, long hair german shepherd breeders - pennsylvania long hair german shepherd puppy breeders, gentle giant german shepherds, gentle german shepherd, children's protector, children's companion, good with kids, german shepherd good with kids, naturally protective, german shepherd bear, german shepherd huge, XL german shepherd, german shepherd guardian, alsatian, alsation, alt deucher schaferhunde, level top lines, Altdeutsche Schaferhunde, Langstockhaar Schäferhunde, long stock coat german shepherd, true long coat german shepherd, AKC dogs for sale, AKC puppies for sale from Pennsylvania dog breeder, find a puppy for sale, dogs for sale, puppies for sale, dogs for sale, puppy for sale, dog for sale,puppies, Altdeutscher Schaferhunde, alt deucher schaferhunde, Altdeutscher Schaeferhund, Altdeutsche Schaeferhunde, Langhaarschäfers, Altdeutschen Schäferhundes

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